4 - Preparing the Round for Bung and Spigot

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Bung- and Spigot-Hole Locating

A jig is used to identify a mid-line, and the locations of the bung hole and the spigot hole are marked. Their heights are not very important, so long as they are not so close to the edges as to make their proper operation difficult.

Bung- and Spigot-Hole Drilling

A pilot hole for the bung hole reamer, and a spigot pipe hole are drilled.
The bit size for the spigot pipe is important; too small and the spigot cannot be installed, too big and it cannot be made tight. Test your bit on scrap wood and check your spigot’s fit before drilling the head.

Use the same bit for the bunghole reamer pilot hole.

Reaming the Bunghole

Laugh it up, Fuzzball!

Laugh it up, Fuzzball!