Welcome to an Exclusive Barrel Experience!

First off, a heartfelt thank you for being a part of our journey. At Badmotivator Legacy Barrels, we're always on the hunt for innovations that honor traditions. It's a delicate balance of respecting the old while embracing the new, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our VIP Distillery Program that does just that.

Why Switch from 2.5 Gallon Barrels?

The industry has long relied on 2.5-gallon barrels. But let's be honest, they age spirits way too quickly. Rapid aging might sound great on paper, but the art of distillation and aging demands patience to achieve fine spirt flavor.

This is where Badmotivator barrels step in. Engineered to age spirits at a pace similar to 53-gallon barrels, our barrels are the change the industry has been waiting for. They bring the perfect marriage of time-tested aging and efficient volume, offering an unparalleled experience for distillers and connoisseurs alike.

A True Single Barrel Experience in a 1.8 Gallon Size

Every distiller dreams of providing that exclusive, single-barrel experience to their customers. We get it! But doing it right is the key. Our 1.8-gallon Badmotivator Legacy Barrels are the perfect solution. Not too big, not too small, and just the right aging speed to deliver on taste, aroma, and experience.

Volume Pricing

Because we value partnerships and long-term relationships, we offer attractive volume pricing options. Whether you’re a small local distillery or a large-scale operation, we have a pricing structure designed to fit your needs.

Join the Movement

Being part of our distillery program is not just about switching barrels; it's about being part of a movement. A movement to redefine aging, to uphold quality, and to offer an unmatched experience to your customers.

Ready to make the switch and join the legacy? We're here to make the transition seamless.

Reach out to discover how the Badmotivator Legacy Barrels VIP Distillery Program can elevate your distillery's offerings and reputation.