We take pride in offering 48-month air-seasoned American White Oak. Due to the scarcity of White Oak in recent times, we've partnered with a family-run stave mill in Missouri to ensure a consistent supply. However, our commitment to crafting exceptional barrels remains with our no-shortcuts approach.

We discovered a small stash of Oregon White Oak (Q.garryana) that had been air-seasoned for an astonishing 120 months. This oak was purchased from a local cooperage. Once this stack is gone, we don’t expect to find more again.

My French Oak Ex-Wine wood comes from a barrel reconditioning company in Oregon. Here are a few photos of some of the heads, the inside of a head, and the inside of a couple of my barrels after removing tartrate and wine stain.

Curious about the science of oak used for wine and spirits? Here are some papers to look over:

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