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Barrel Club Program Overview:
  • An annual membership for a distinctive, guided distillery experience.
  • Members enjoy a day at the distillery for sampling, creating their own blend, and initiating the aging process in their own barrel.
  • Benefits of membership include complimentary samples from their barrel, discounts on spirits and merchandise, plus early access to new releases and special events.
  • The membership package features a barrel tagged with the member's name, displayed at the distillery, with the flexibility to choose when to bottle the spirit and determine its proof. Pricing for the spirit is clear and straightforward.
  • The membership fee is for the experience itself; the cost of the spirit that has been aged in the barrel is an additional charge, payable when members bottle and take their spirit home.
  • Members have the option to reuse their barrel for further aging of a new spirit at the distillery or to buy the barrel for personal use at home.
Here are some ideas for the Barrel Club. Feel free to pick and choose ideas that you like. It could be structured as an annual membership, offering a unique, guided distillery experience. Each year, members would have the opportunity to spend a day at the distillery, sampling white spirits, creating their own unique blend, and filling their barrel. This approach emphasizes hands-on and a personalized connection with the spirit-making process.

Perks could include free samples from their barrel to monitor the aging process, discounts on spirts and merch, and early access to new releases and events.

Membership includes displaying the barrel with their name at the distillery, where members choose when their spirit is ready to bottle and at what proof. Depending on state regulations, members may receive a discount at bottling. Otherwise, pricing is transparently provided. Members have the option to refill their barrel with a new spirit for further aging at the distillery or purchase the barrel at a discount for home aging.

Before launching a membership program, it's important to review your state's regulations around membership, discounts, and alcohol sales, as they can vary widely. The logistics require planning for the storage, sampling, bottling, and display of barrels within the distillery. The overall aim of this project is to build a committed group of customers who value the hands-on, customized aging experience offered by your distillery, showcasing your ability to produce exceptional spirits.