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Badmotivator Legacy Barrels

American White Oak *SPECIAL ORDER*

American White Oak *SPECIAL ORDER*

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Elevate your spirits with the Badmotivator Legacy Barrels’ American White Oak Barrel

For those seeking something special, this isn't just another barrel. It's your chance to make a statement in every sip.


  • Your Toast, Your Char: Tell us how you like it – light toast, deep char, or anywhere in between. We'll dial it in, just for you.
  • Top-Notch American White Oak: Handpicked quartersawn American White Oak ensures your spirits mature with character. Dive into the story of our wood here.
  • A Bit More Patience: Crafting a custom order takes a tad longer. With the unique touches, we're looking at up to an extra 2-week delay before shipping.
  • More Than Just Wood: These barrels aren’t simply containers. Think of them as a legacy, a true reflection of your spirit’s journey.

    Struggling to choose the right toast and char level for your needs? I’ve written an article that might help you make an informed decision.

    Dabble in the art of fine spirit aging with a barrel that's every bit you. With our barrels, you're not just storing; you're crafting legends.

    Given the made-to-order nature of this item, consider ordering a bit early to factor in that added crafting time.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Daniel Impson
    Fantastic and innovative product

    There's nowhere else to get this quality of wood and construction of miniature aging barrels, I'm looking forward to using them a lot more in the future!

    Travis Markle
    Exciting little barrel

    Can’t wait to fill these little beasts up, I am looking forward to what comes out of them. Shipping was phenomenal they were pack with care and attention to detail.

    Great Product!

    Great product and fast shipping! Looking forward to seeing how things turn after aging.

    Steve Rix
    Outstanding Craftsmanship

    This is my 5th barrel and am still in awe of just how well they're made.

    Richard Wilber
    Bad Mo Always Delivers

    Ordered a special order heavy toast only and received it a lot quicker than expected. Aging Sherry first and will she what's next. I have bought many Bad Mo barrels and that should tell the whole story!