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Badmotivator Legacy Barrels

American Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrel

American Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrel

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Crafted from a well-known Bourbon brand barrel head, this piece has been planed for flatness while retaining traces of its history, such as stains, stamps, paint, brands, wax, spiles, saw marks, and dirt from its previous use. The original char layer was removed before repairing any joints and applying a new char layer. Each item is unique, with plenty of character and a story to tell.

Includes two bungs: the bung used during testing and one spare.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love the smell

Can’t wait to add some more to it and hope for greatness to strike again.

Ex Pappy Barrel

I can't wait to see how the liquid ages in this barrel

Jennings S
Extended Aging!

Very happy with my first BadMotivator Barrel. I held out for the Non-Wheated Ex-Bourbon version, ordered, received, soaked and filled with a 7 year Kentucky Bourbon.
The build quality, materials and attention to detail are excellent. I'm looking forward to a 10-12 year final age and little tastes along the way, which is almost too easy with the spout.

Doug Hebbard
Love these cask's

Amazing small batch cask’s, love this latest ex bourbon barrel and am preparing it to receive my latest batch of single malt. Will be buy a third very soon!!

Zach White
Amazing barrels from an amazing Business!

I love the barrels, their quality, and craftsmanship. The business is awesome, stand-up and takes care of their customers. I am glad they are keeping the Legacy alive and plan on buying more.

Thank you for being awesome.