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American Oak Ex-Single-Malt Sherry Barrel

American Oak Ex-Single-Malt Sherry Barrel

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Elevate Your Spirits with an Ex-Single-Malt Sherry Barrel

Discover the American Oak Single-Malt Sherry Barrel, which once resided in the cellars of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia, Spain, now waiting to enhance your rum, single malt whiskey, and brandy maturation journey.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from an American Oak non-peated single-malt barrel that previously held Oloroso Sherry.
  • Ideal for aging rum, single malt whiskey, and brandies, offering a rich fruit-forward flavor and aroma.
  • The surface has been planed for flatness while retaining traces of its history, such as stains, stamps, paint, brands, wax, spiles, saw marks, and dirt from its previous use

With a 1.8-gallon (6.4 L) capacity, this barrel is ideal for aging exceptional spirits.

Included Extras:
Comes with a tested bung and an additional unused spare.

Explore our FAQ section for further insights into achieving exceptional results.

Please note that the aging process may alter the appearance of your barrel, which can add to its unique and distinctive character.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Bryan Seeger

Great product

Peter Harris

Excellent customer service, excellent product, grabbed 2, wish I grabbed 4. Astonishing flavours.

Ralph Thompson

Everything I expected and more. Beautiful and VERY aromatic barrel. Unmatched customer service!

Mikel Redman

Barrel/cask was packed perfectly. Only quibble was some minor chipping on the head of the cask. Other than that the quality of the cask was excellent. Filled with a mixture of bourbon and rye. Tastes excellent now can't wait to see what happens with time!

Derik Wyntjes

No Review