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Handsewn Leather Distiller's Notebook

Handsewn Leather Distiller's Notebook

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Handcrafted with care, this artisanal leather notebook is the perfect companion for any distiller, brewer, or connoisseur of fine spirits. Its rugged, handsewn leather exterior pays homage to the time-honored process of distillation, offering durability and a patina that deepens with every use, embodying the journey of your spirit's creation.

Inside, you'll find a classic 3.5” x 5.5” Field Notes Memo Book, proudly made in the USA, offering 48 lined pages for you to jot down recipes, observations, and reflections. Whether tracking the progress of a new batch or noting the subtle tasting notes of a well-aged bourbon, this memo book is your canvas.

Each notebook features:

  • Premium leather, handsewn for longevity and a personal touch.
  • A snug pocket design ensuring your memo book stays firmly in place.
  • A compact and convenient size, perfect for keeping close whether you're in the distillery or on the go.
  • An included Field Notes Memo Book, with a simple and clean design that’s ideal for quick notes or detailed logs.

Embrace the spirit of craftsmanship with the Distiller's Companion, where every note you make adds to the narrative of your distilling journey.

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